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The doctors and staff at Summit Foot and Ankle are experienced and compassionate podiatric specialists. Whether you're suffering from a mild sprain or have sustained a serious injury, Summit’s team of doctors is dedicated to helping you return to a healthy, active lifestyle through expert treatment. The expertise of our team of doctors in Utah enables us to offer you a full range of options, from all available therapies to complex surgery.

With decades of experience in a variety of surgical and sports medicine podiatry fields, the premiere specialists are found at Summit. Podiatric surgery and advanced non-surgical techniques are both available for patients in need of rehabilitation or reconstruction. Many musculoskeletal problems either find their roots in or manifest through painful foot and ankle symptoms. A visit to our foot doctors in Salt Lake City can help restore an active and healthy lifestyle that has been limited or made impossible by pain in the lower extremities.

Foot Surgery in Salt Lake City

Many ailments of the lower extremities may require surgical procedures as part of the recovery process. When you are looking for a podiatric surgery specialist in Salt Lake City, you will want to find the best doctor in Utah. When selecting a specialist, it is important to consider their experience, their reputation, and their approach to health care. The ankle and foot are a foundational component of good overall health, and the best surgeons will take advantage of state-of-the-art techniques that can improve effectiveness of treatment and reduce recovery time.

For reconstructive surgery, podiatric sports medicine, advanced non-surgical procedures and unbeatable experience and credentials, the specialists at the Summit Clinic are some of the most trustworthy and reliable foot doctors in the state. 

Hammer Toe, Claw Foot and Other Ailments

Are your feet bothering you? Common foot problems like hammer toe, claw foot, toe fungus, and ingrown toenails can be very uncomfortable and lead to other complications. An expert podiatrist can help.

Does your foot condition need surgery?

Bunions, hammer toe, and fractures are just some of the conditions that can require corrective surgery. But there are non-surgical techniques that may be viable as well, especially if you seek treatment early.

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Sports Medicine

For many people, the health of their feet is something they will never think about until an injury or chronic pain issue leads them to needing a specialist. Podiatry is a medical specialty that focuses on the bones, muscles and nerves of the feet and ankles. With 28 bones, 33 muscles, 5 major blood veins and more, it can be complex but with a little care from a specialized doctor, most people can enjoy healthy walking, running, dancing and sports all their lives. Read more to find out how a podiatric sports medicine specialist can help your athlete perform at their best and recover from any injury more quickly.

Common Problems

Feet ailments are surprisingly common. Learn more about some frequently occurring problems like bunions, corns, and flat feet.